Coffee Date + Highs and Lows

It’s Saturday and it’s long weekend here in Singapore. Yes, I finally have an extra day to sit down and write as weekends seem to just fly away with household chores and wedding preparations.

I am linking up with Jenna of Dearest Love to share some highs and lows of my week.

* Last Sunday, together with our life group family, we had a lunch surprise for my husband’s advance birthday celebration. It was short and simple but filled with prayers and well-wishes for both of us.
* Monday was Ge’s actual birthday. I gave him his birthday present and yes, he loved it! :) He collects watches so it is an addition to that plus I got one for myself too, as it’s a couple watch!
* I managed to squeeze in two workouts this week. It wasn’t grand, but it’s a good take away on days when you’re feeling stuck… or jaded.
* We watched ‘Begin Again’ starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s been a while since I last saw a movie that really made me feel good. It was funny, engaging and realistic. The show will definitely bring a smile to your face. I love the soundtrack too!
* After movie, we had a short chit-chat over coffee, watched people pass by and teens dancing to upbeat songs playing from another street. I remember I used to enjoy parties and loud music. Now, I find more comfort on small talks and quiet spaces. Aah, I know I’m getting older!! :))

+ Morning of the day of my husband’s birthday surprise, I woke up with an intense discomfort in my stomach. I usually have high tolerance for pain. I can find scrapes and bruises on myself and not even know where they came from or when I got them. But this time was different – I gagged three times and my body is twisting in ache. I was rushed to the clinic and the doctor told me that I may have appendicitis. Aagh, it was something to worry about but I feel that it was just an acid or air in my belly, not appendix. I’ve had gastro-intestinal disease before so it could be like that. I was referred to Accident and Emergency in the nearby hospital but I did not come (I don’t want to spoil the surprise!). I’ve been observing myself after the check-up and the pain has completely gone away. Thankfully, I’m now better.

On the other days, things happen as usual. But I don’t mean it’s ordinary. I believe that routine and work are things that humble and remind us to slow down and find grace in God.

Happy weekend everyone!

3 thoughts on “Coffee Date + Highs and Lows

  1. So fun to find your blog off the coffee date link up! Especially as another Asian-dwelling blogger (I’m in cambodia- obviously a lot different than Singapore but still!). Good on you for working out – I’m failing pretty miserably at that goal right now, ha!


  2. I’m so thankful you are feeling so much better! I’ve heard appendicitis is so painful.
    Great job on working out twice this week–that’s more than me! I really need to get back into my workout routine.
    Thank so much for linking up! I’m loving your blog.


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