We Turn One

I can’t believe we’re celebrating one year of married life already! :)

Dancing in the moonlight :)


3 years together, 2 years in Singapore, 1 year since we promised God to have and hold each other… it wasn’t easy but we’ve cruised through our first year of marriage and we made it! High five my love!

Thank you for taking care of me even when we don’t see eye to eye on most things. With my imperfections, and your imperfections, we really don’t stand a chance. But because of God’s love and grace, we’re able to carry on. And we will continue to enjoy, learn, mature, gain wisdom and dance on this marriage journey until the next 5, 10, 20, 50 years to come. Love you my dear! *kisses*

Our Dream Wedding Team

Just a short background: We are not based in the Philippines. We got engaged on July 2013, had a short (and sweet) civil wedding on August of the same year. And now, we’re on to celebrate another special day with our dear families and friends on December 2014.

We’re doing all the planning, coordination and preps from Singapore. It was pretty challenging – since we’re not doing it on the ground, turnaround time takes longer and we really have to be detailed in communicating what we want. Hmm, okay, that’s more me. Because I’ve always been a planner and I’m all about details! Heee! :)

While it may seem stressful, I think it’s actually a humbling experience for Ge and I as we’re learning to be more open to each other when we make decisions and to compromise when our choices do not match. As they say, “Planning the wedding is a trial run for your future marriage”.

Sharing our dream team behind the scenes… we’re getting excited by the minute! :)

Ceremony and Reception Venue | The Mango Farm
Officiating Pastor | Pastor Jeff Eliscupidez
Hotel Preps | Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila
Ceremony Stylist and Bridal Bouquet | Vatel Manila
Wooden Chairs | Botafogo, Inc
Caterer | Passion Cooks Catering
Cake and Candy Buffet | Toy Cakes and Pastries (by Chef Kiko Arcabos)
Wedding Rings | Matus Jewellery
Photographer | Jaja Samaniego
Videographer | Derek Yee
Save The Date Videographers | Aisle 1401
On-the-Day Coordinator | Imbitado Events
Light Effects | Sensitivity Lights and Sounds
Choir and Strings | Anima Choir and Strings
Make-Up Artist | Tippy Destacamento
Bride’s Gown and Groom’s Suit | Roxoanne Bagano Couture
Invitation Design & Layout | Collaboration with The Letter Studio
Mobile Bar | Mixed Mobile Bar
Master of Ceremonies | Ayie Contreras-Tuates
Photo Booth | Flip Productions

The Wedding Gown

Wedding Gowns

I am not the type who knew exactly what wedding gown I like. I’ve looked at different pegs and photos of designer made gowns in the internet and drool over them, but when I think of putting myself in that dress, no, it doesn’t strike my fancy. I don’t think I can handle wearing such an elaborate gown. Even if it would look good on me (ehem), it’s not me. I just knew I want to wear something that reflects who I am – and I’m just a simple girl… with big dreams. Char! :))

Kidding aside, the wedding dress is possibly one of the most important highlights of the wedding. Well actually, it’s the Bride. All eyes will be on you, so there’s definitely a pressure on the dress too! I’ve researched different local designers, looked on their past works, asked for gown prices and to my surprise – I never thought that a simple gown could cost as much as 60,000 to 250,000!! Totally crazy! And it’s just for a basic gown, if you want additional details, the price will change accordingly.

I am not comfortable on spending too much for a dress I will only wear for one day so I decided on my budget and shortlisted the designers who can work within that. I only ended up with one. See, that’s how cheap my budget was! I set lower than my maximum budget just so if I want a little more than the basic, it wouldn’t be that hard to decide since we have allotted for it anyway.

I had two options, with plain or with layered skirt. I asked to Ge choose which one he likes, and he chose the layered one. I reminded him that it would incur us additional cost and he said it’s okay, “ako naman ang titingin”.. ah-uhm ok! Hahaha!

My chosen (and the only) couture was Roxoanne Bagano, a young, promising new designer who I’ve also read many good reviews about. What I like about her is that she’s so easy to talk to, very accommodating and she listens to my requests. She’s also quick to reply to my inquiries and honest on giving her feedbacks about my pegs. Even when I kept changing my mind about what I want, she’s very patient and willing to compromise. In a span of two weeks, she was able to get my measurement and have my first fitting done. She willingly adjusts her schedule because I’m based overseas and I’m really very thankful for that. :)

I cannot comment on her work yet because I haven’t seen my final gown. I’ll give an update on that. In the meantime, here’s her sketch of my dress. And yes, I’m not wearing white. ^_^

Roxy Bagano

Explore Singapore: Alive Museum

Last month, two of South Korea’s popular optical illusion museums opened in Singapore — Alive Museum in Suntec and Trick Eye Museum in Sentosa. I have not been to the latter so l will share about our experience with Alive Museum first.

Both museums contain 2D paintings and wall arts that looked 3D in photos. The paintings allow the visitors to be part of the scene and that’s where Alive Museum comes to life!

Here are some photos we had on that day:

Alive Museum SingaporePetting the Giraffe (I was actually squatting, not sitting)
Alive Museum SingaporeOur love boat
Alive Museum SingaporeStole a shot of this cute twin before us. So adorable!
Alive Museum SingaporePlease let me go!
Alive Museum SingaporeBallerina
Alive Museum SingaporeSTOP!!!
Alive Museum SingaporeYay! Put me down!
Alive Museum SingaporeMermaid for a moment!
Alive Museum Singapore..and now I’m an angel!
Alive Museum SingaporeInside mommy’s tummy
Alive Museum SingaporeGreat heroes bow before me
Alive Museum SingaporeRetro Party (do not wear skirts ladies!)
Alive Museum SingaporeKayaking against the rapids / Lemme do a handstand
Alive Museum SingaporeSword Fight / Scared flying with Carl
Alive Museum SingaporeOn top of the city!

While the museum boasts more than 70 artworks, the place was not as huge as it looks. In a small room, you can find 3-4 different arts that overlap each other, meaning, you can’t take a full photo of one without crossing over the other. This is especially difficult when you’re also sharing the place with other visitors. It was almost impossible to take photos properly without people walking or getting in the way. We had to pass on some galleries to avoid inconvenience.

But overall, I enjoyed the whole experience. I have not gone to South Korea yet so this is the first time I have ever been to a trick art museum. We spent about 3 hours here and were exhausted after all the posing and body twisting. Haha! It was actually nice to do silly poses and make fun of yourself. :)

Alive Museum is located in:
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-372, Suntec City Mall (between Towers 3 & 4), Singapore 038983
Ticket price: Adults $25, Child (aged 3-12) $20
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm daily (last admission 9pm)

Can a Song Save your Life?

Have you seen Begin Again starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo? If you haven’t, please, please set a date to watch it!

Begin Again

In the midst of superheroes, robots and mythical Gods that are so mainstream in the movie scene nowadays, it’s a welcome surprise to see something that can actually make you feel better after. Filled with light, funny, realistic moments, Begin Again is a perfect cure for a weary day. It’s a universal story anyone can relate to and get inspiration from.

Here are a number of things I find beautiful about this movie –
(1) It wasn’t built on grand gestures of candlelit dinners or high end dating, rather, small, intimate moments between people. Fairy tales come true in movies, but for most of us, life and love are usually a series of challenges more than success. It was good that the story highlighted the journey, not the destination. That a simple act, like sitting in a corner while listening to music together also has impact to the soul.

Begin Again

(2) Greta was betrayed and broken-hearted. A typical romantic-comedy would send her to find a new man who will complete and treat her better. Thankfully, this movie did not go that path. Greta handled her broken self with maturity while she used music to heal herself and find direction.

(3) Greta and Dan’s partnership shows that sometimes, the best relationships we can form don’t have to be romantic. We don’t even know which characters are supposed to end up together. But it’s comforting to know that these two changed each other, and those around them, for the better.

Begin Again

(4) There’s a wonderful scene where Greta and Dan are wandering the city at night, sharing playlists on two sets of headphones on a splitter, joyfully dancing to a beat different from everyone else in the disco. And then in the process, healing happens for both.

(5) The film is sensitive to know that being in someone’s life doesn’t simply end in a break up. It’s a process that requires wisdom to decide if it’s time to move on or if the relationship deserves a second chance. I don’t believe that anyone is capable of loving a person for so long, and then suddenly realizes that it doesn’t feel the same the next day. It happens gradually, not in an instant so I like that Greta took her time to feel it all out rather than force herself to fall in love again.

Begin Again

(5) Lastly, the songs were beautiful and heartfelt! I was surprised to know that Keira can definitely carry a pretty decent tune. And of course, we all love Adam Levine! :)